Christine Gelineau

NNew review of CRAVE up in Grace Cavalieri's April 2016
Poetry Exemplars at the Washington Independent Review of Books


xx Unflinching before loss and trauma, and compassionate toward humans and other
xx animals, Crave is a profoundly physical book of poetry. Christine Gelineau’s brave xx and steadfast speakers . . . discover beauty without sacrificing truth.
xx xx xx xx xx Lee Upton, author of Bottle the Bottles the Bottles the Bottles

xx Crave reminds us of the “hard evidence” of our lives . . . yet blessings radiate equally xx in this collection: love . . . , gratitude for the “gifts” of the present, and compassion as xx tangible in “what men [and women] do when they live up to what is owed.”
xx xx xx xxShara McCallum, author of The Face of Water: New & Selected Poems

xx . . . poem after poem bears witness to the evidence of bodies in crisis, power gone xx awry, the long dialogue of loss and desire that lays bare not only “the true worth of xx xx one’s own skin,” but also its true nature, its nerve, its revelatory grace and danger
xx transfigured by the poet’s touch . . . A fierce and moving book.
xx xx xx xx xx Bruce Bond, author of For the Lost Cathedral


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